Awkward Instance
custom AR app

Will Pappenheimer, 2021-2022

Awkward Instance represents one of a number of paranormal apparitions which take on dancing distorted human forms. These beings have stolen both human skins and human motion capture sequences but have not quite put them back together properly. Hence the mismatch can also be understood as a “glitch,” which is a contemporary reference to digital processes that are unintentionally or intentionally scrambled to reveal interesting aesthetic or sensory results. Glitches are also understood as a sign of the limitations of utopian computer oriented ideals and their cultural implications. The strange choreography of Awkward Instance also reflects the estrangement we might feel inhabiting our own bodies, though in this case the paranormal entity uses these altered movements as a method for hypnotizing their audiences into sympathetic compliance.

"Awkward Instance" screen capture still frame, 2021,