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Tallahassee IME Simulcast

Performance-events for Kristin Lucas's site and practice of Simulcasting. Dec. 11, 2000 my students and I went to deal with the problems of voter anxiety in Tallahassee. We left for a day long trip December 11th while this Supreme Court in Washington was in deliberations. Some of our goals were: - To try to find ways to evaluate and alleviate anxiety collecting in Tallahassee through national and global media wave fixation on a small capital in a state such as Florida.


Christine Hill
Dave Herman

Tallahassee IME Simulcast
In a continuation of her series " organizational ventures" under the production label, Volksboutique, artist Christine Hill created a functioning television production studio within the Ronald Feldman gallery with purpose of creating a late-night talk-show type pilot program. Over the period of the show from September to October of 2000 the gallery spaces were transformed into a set, offices and conference rooms for production. With Christine as host, friend and collaborator Dave Herman was invited to be her "sidekick" throughout the duration of the show.
One of his functions was to create the concept of a "remote " for which he chose the theme of Theodore Roosevelt, the renowned president and native of NYC. I joined Dave Herman as "videographer" and together we explored this subject and institution of "remote" creation.
Florida Research Ensemble

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH The Florida Research Ensemble (FRE) was formed a decade ago by a group of colleagues at the University of Florida in the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, and Architecture, brought together by a common interest in electronic technologies. Unsatisfied with the existing channels for delivering our knowledge to institutions outside the academy, we decided to explore the possibilities of alternative means of delivery.

PROJECTS- IMAGING FLORIDA is an internet project, including a website and email listserv, for the design of a new role for the arts and education in community policy formation and problem solving.

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-a book in submission stage written as acollaboration with a theorical proposal by Gregory Ulmer and research by members of FRE

-a video created in collaboration with footage, reseach and concepts by Barbara Jo Revelle and coedited with myself.




Projects with and for other artist/groups