Counting Cars

At the Conflux festival Thursday Sept 13, 11am-12:30pm

@ Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211 T 718.384.7112

Counting Cars is an interface and consulting station that connects Manhattan traffic cams to local New York RSS Internet news of the moment via the vernacular consultation practice of “counting crows.” As a performance, I will assist participants to seek the moment's situational wisdom for a question they might entertain. With the aid of computer equipment, we will consult a live NYC traffic cam and initiate a programmatic process that utilizes motion detection to count cars within a certain period of time. The number generated as the “car” or “crow” count and is used to retrieve the text and imagery of a current corresponding RSS New York news story that is related to the participant.

Images of the first performance:
click image for hi res link
NYC DOT Traffic Cams with motion detection to count car passages
5 Ave @ 49 Street 7
Belt Pkwy East of VNB

-Sample participants' results entertaining a question on of the day (upper right)

-After choosing a traffic cam, the number of car passes through the motion detector is used to count down the RSS feed from the New York Times "The City" list and retrieve the text and imagery.

The printout is then highlighted by the participant, finding important words in the article that will give a sense of the of the day's "situation" and its clues.



Counting Cars 1
A New Year’s Question


New York Times. The City RSS feed

6 Ave @ 42 Street
FDR Dr @ 36 Street
Belt Pkwy East of VNB