Green Room
Will Pappenheimer, 2004

Green Room consists of an isolated space with up to three projections on adjacent walls replaying enlarged real-time webcasts from Baghdad during April 4-7, 2003. The webcasts, which included live sound, were recorded at night while the US troops were approaching the city. The footage includes different degrees of darkness and the approaching light of dawn. Green Room alludes to the waiting room for guests on a TV talk show and the confusing mix of theatricality and real-time media on the Internet. Waiting also refers to the city awaiting invasion, or liberation, whichever way it was understood. Nighttime was also relatively peaceful, but ominous nevertheless. As observers on the other side of the earth, we experience the sights, sounds and looming danger of the city in the small uneventful hours of night. Like many real-time webcams, the audience is mesmerized by distance, waiting for some expected event.

One of the important intentions of the installation is to approach a state of telepresence. The installation includes 5.1 surround sound audio, a heater maintaining the temperature 80-82 degrees, and a humidifier maintaining 27-35% humidity. The scientific, technological, and philosophical questions connected to this goal are meant to be raised. A lime green couch, chair and pillows are included for comfort and the room is carpeted.

The installation could be constructed in at variety of levels, depending on supplies and equipment. There could be as little as one video. The room would need to be darkened and about 10' x 10' in dimension.

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4/7/03 12.50pm