Home Remedies for Lucid Dreaming
Will Pappenheimer 2021

Home Remedies for Lucid Dreaming features “mixed reality” works combining sculptural domestic tableau with three-dimensional virtual scenes. Vignettes visible through iPads with a medium known as “augmented reality” feature ephemeral animated characters modeling or guiding the viewer in various processes for internal and external fortification against implied challenging circumstances. Speech is selected and altered from online "ASMR" YouTube videos, which aim to stimulate body sensations and calm audience of followers utilizing hypnotic methods. Choreography in most of the works is the result of a collaboration with Canadian intermedia/performance artist Freya Björg Olafson who brings to the works her persona spontaneous interpretations of public Internet video persona. This exhibition was rescheduled from a year ago due to the pandemic, yet serendipitously, many of the underlying ideas are centered around an isolated domestic space as the site for self help and preparation, which has been a prevalent condition for the past year. The virtual actors exhibit conflicting emotions; uncertainty and defiance, fear and contemplation which outline very a human presence instantiated through a mixture of technological and physical elements. The artist has pioneered this cutting edge medium for the past decade to create large-scale public virtual sculptural collage with the historical or institutional sites as a relational counterpoint. This exhibition explores the medium in “miniature” as appearances emanate from collections of every day objects, medical supplies and furniture.

"Repairs," detail, 2021,