Oasis Still
Commission for the 2021 Still/Live exhibition at the Katona Art Museum ,NY

Will Pappenheimer

For the exhibition Still/Live, Oasis Still was created as an augmented reality (AR) intervention that will served as a bridge between the exhibition Still/Live and the KMA’s ongoing Rothko installation. Oasis Still, emanates from the Mark Rothko’s Untitled, 1969 #2032.69 painting (with permission from Christopher and Kate Rothko) housed in the The Rothko Room, a separate room within the Beitzel Gallery. The AR work, seen through a gallery iPad, was meant to emulate Rothko’s wish to create roadside stops housing his paintings, “oases" for relief from driving and the bustle of life. Extending this idea to form a "relief" from the contemporaneous years of crises on every level, a calming virtual blue Rothko-fog emerges from the edge of the painting and leaks out into the larger gallery. A new environment surrounds viewer as a virtual desert oasis with replete with sand filling the gallery, palm trees, a waterhole and various characters frozen in wonder, quenching thirst and in some cases states of worried surprise. The gallery contains many artists works that are in the show and they can be seen as merged with the virtual landscape. Standing in or on the threshold of the “Rothko Room,” visitors will point iPads supplied by the museum at the painting on the opposite wall, causing a virtual still life composition to materialize in the surrounding space. After triggering this composition, visitors will be free to use the iPads to explore AR still life throughout the main galleries.

"Repairs," detail, 2021,