Will Pappenheimer
Distributed Collectives
DUMBO Arts Festival

bUD supports areas of metropolitan districts which entertain general questions about the forward movement of culture. The forces of social contract failure, desertion, de-employment and the retraction of basic services has encouraged citizens to go back to more positive primitive forms of farming, simple technologies and forest life. Through augmented reality, bUD can move quickly into an area, put disintegratingbuildings up into the air and distribute instant "touch and grow" tree pads. A typical city block can be reclaimed in a mater of a few hours. bUD also effects the alterations of existing archtecture to render more options for using city transit and housing.


bUD Charter, Kensington, Philadelphia- visualization detail, archival injet print, 24" x 48"/


Revolving Bridges, DUMBO, NY- visualization detail, archival injet print, 24" x 48"