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Dr* WD Pappenheimer, Pace University, NY
Dr* JC Freeman, Emerson College, MA

            *This project is funded by Rhizome 2008 Commissions


Virta-Flaneurazine-SL or VF is a potent programmable “mood changing” drug for Second Life (SL). It is identified as part of the “Wanderment” family of psychotropic drugs because, when ingested, it automatically causes the bearer to aimlessly roam the distant lands of SL for up to a full day. As the prograchemistry takes effect, users find themselves erratically teleporting to random locations, behaving strangely, seeing digephemera and walking or flying in circuitous paths. Many users report the experience allows them to see SL in a renewed light, that SL is somehow reconfigured off the everyday limitations of a fast growing grid of investment properties.



The prograchemistry of Virta-Flaneurazine derives from a formula which the authors of this study, Dr* WD Pappenheimer and Dr* JC Freeman, conceived and began to synthesize some time ago. It was leaked to the public via an assistant programmer. It will soon be available on the SL “black market.” For obvious and important reasons Dr* W Pappenheimer and Dr* JC Freeman would like to conduct a complete laboratory synthesis and begin clinical trials so that the nature, effects and side effects of the drug can be reliably outlined. Tests will be both objective and subjective.



The prograchemistry is and will be mostly completed in LSL, though some events will require external interactivity via System Events from AppleScript and Perl. Some hacking into SL source code may be possible and useful for certain behavioral properties not native to LSL. User input (see Clinical Study Prospectus below), the prior experience of the user, will affect the prograchemistry of each trial in terms of directions, destinations and behaviors. This will be accomplished through initial form entry and userstats. However, the randomizing features of this “Wanderment” family of psychotropic drugs is the dominant operating control of many of its “events.”


Clinical Study Prospectus:

Each clinical study of Virta-Flaneurazine will begin with participants logging onto a form site. Simple questions will be asked about user experience, attractions and repulsions, since these principles are known to affect the behaviors of “Wanderment” drugs. Users will be encouraged to enter an alias or avatar identity, since this drug is not yet FDA approved or classified. Once registration is complete, a custom desktop active ingredient will be downloaded and participants will be directed to a site in Second Life where the second part of the drug will be available for ingestion or “wearing”. (It should be noted that at the time of this proposal Virta-Flaneurazine has a two part prograchemistry that operates both internally and externally to SL.) Users are under the “influence” of Virta-Flaneurazine for the next 4-12 hours. After the experience participants are encouraged to log back onto the original clinical studies site and report any experiences encountered during affectation. An online catalogue of these reports will be made available for further study. Plans would also be made to open a physical gallery clinic for walk-in participants, case evaluation, and problems that might arise in some user experiences.


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